‘Project Elephant’ to tackle elephant menace in Kodagu

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  1. Preet says:

    Dear Mr. Belliappa, the article very thoughtfully suggest the capture and release of the elephants in the wild, as well as ensuring that they have sufficient water and food for them in the wild. However, where is the forest land left for these gentle giants? We have encroached it ( paisari we say), encroached land is even sold, the forest soil is used by nurseries (Plant). The menace that we have been to their habitat for years together cannot be side lined. What we face today is of our own doing. If we give back what is theirs (forest land)and be their voice for justice, there is no reason why they should stray away from the forest and risk coming into human habitat. Its like the saying, the hunter will always glorify his story until the hunted learns to tell his. If their forests didn’t dwindle at such an alarming rate, they would never have been a menace.

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