C.P.Belliappa’s new ‘theory’ on origin of Coorgs

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4 Responses

  1. Anju Iychettira says:

    Superb uncanny comparisons.

  2. Mallika swaminadhan says:

    Now I am gaulendera Mallika
    (Swaminadhan ) ..the most plausible of all theories !!

  3. John Napier says:

    But I love dudikotpat.

  4. This is a superb piece and a most apt and loving comparison. I have some of the dearest and most wonderful friends in Coorg. Each visit of mine reminds me that yes, I am in Asterix land… and why not? I pray that Coorg retains it’s identity, it’s loving and generous nature, it’s natural beauty and it’s ways forever. This tiny geographical part of our country should be looked upon as an example of ‘how to live’.

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