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  1. Dr Sumant Chengappa says:

    This is very interesting to read. Thanks for the meticulous research that you have done!

  2. Kalappa Baleyada says:

    Very interesting subject and thank you for providing this information. Great piece of work,🙏🏻

  3. Prathibha Chinnappa says:

    Beautiful and appreciate all your efforts in tracing the ancestry. Victoria Gowramma’s story had me daydreaming.Kudos to your work.

  4. Sharan says:

    Very nice article sir.. Was Victoria Gouramma the only child of Chikka Virarajendra?

  5. Devìka says:

    Very nice about the truth of gowramma

  6. says:

    good article, thank you sir.

  7. Jerome Marcel says:

    Sir, hope you had a chance already to read the book “Coorg and its Rajahs” published in 1857. Of particular interest is correspondence of His Highness Chikka Veerarajendra with various British entities of the time. There is reference to his daughter Princess Victoria Gowramma as well. I have shared the link to the book at the archives for benefit of the readers:


    Sir, I read the writings of yours “victoria gowramma” and Masti’s Chikkaveera Rajendra. Yours is based on real facts as it is mentioned in kodagina itihaasa by D.N. Krishnaiah.
    victoria gowramma is heart touching book.

  9. Achaiah Manira says:

    Sir, Is the Haleri Dynasty which was exiled to Beneras still in existence.

  10. Greg Coelho says:

    Dear Mr Belliappa and Mr Bopanna,
    Thank you for your efforts to bring the story of our Princess Gowramma to us.
    I am in London for a month and made an attempt to visit her grave at the Old Brompton Cemetery near Earl’s Court. My attempt was unsuccessful as I found thousands upon thousands of graves and no cemetery map available.
    I’d be most grateful if you could give me some guidelines about locating her grave. I would very much like to pay my respects.
    Thank you once again. Greg.

    • CP Belliappa says:

      Just saw just your comments. It was quite an adventure for me to locate the tomb of Victoria Gowramma in the sprawling Brompton Cemetery. And there is a twist! Before Gowramma was buried, her stepson Colin Campbell was buried in the same grave. So, when you search in their office computer, you need to look for Colin Campbell.
      If you enter Brompton Cemetery from the North gate (Lilli Road?), the tomb is close to the left-hand side of their office. The spot is covered with weeds and not easy to locate. The cross is broken and the epitaph (by Queen Victoria) is fading.
      I have covered these details in the Epilogue of my book.
      Good luck!

  11. Shivachaliyanda Subramani says:

    I am overwhelmed to hear about story related to Coorg as well as Kodavas. Wonderful work, really appreciate your good work.

  12. B G Ishwara Bhat says:

    Really a great work sir , informative. Since so many years I was eager to know about the descendants of the rajas of Coorg. My ancestors were the priests in the Royal Court of Lingarajendra wodeyar and assisted in the religious rites of installation of Sri Omkareshwara Shiva Lingam in the temple at Madikeri. Thank you sir.

  13. Babli Yadav says:

    Interesting read. Looking forward to read your books on her life.

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