CAUVERY  NISARGADHAMA: Nisargadhama is a breathtakingingly beautiful island off the state highway, two km from Kushalanagar town and 28 km from Madikeri.

The 64-acre island, surrounded by the Cauvery river, can be accessed by walking across a hanging bridge. Established in 1989, the picturesque picnic spot with lush foliage of thick bamboo groves, sandalwood and teak trees has lovely river-side cottages. A deluxe cottage on stilts with the Cauvery flowing around it, can accommodate five persons. Elephant rides and boating are some of the other attractions. There is a deer park, children’s park and orchidarium in the resort. Medicinal plants are also grown. Tourists are allowed to get into water at a few shallow and safe points along the river. The tariff for the cottages range from Rs 600 to Rs 1,000. For reservations, contact the office of the conservator of forests, Kodagu circle, Madikeri. The telephone numbers are 08272-225708 and telefax: 08272-228439. Or contact for reservation, the office of the deputy conservator of forests, Madikeri division, telephone number 08272-228305 and telefax: 08272-228439.

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  1. Shail Shah says:

    Very poorly maintained rabbit enclosure and deer park.The deer-feeding is not supervised so visitors are free to feed them any garbage which is not good. It is supposed to be plastic-free zone but retailers have set up shop inside selling food items packaged in plastic!

  2. Swetha says:

    Horribly maintained. I just can’t believe how bad this place has gone in last 7 years. Authorities are very irresponsible. No one monitors the where about of those innocent animals – deer, rabbit and birds. It is a shame that the beautiful glorious park is ruined and looks like garbage. Entry ticket is just Rs10 and horrible immature crowd is found. With the cheap couples who have entered park with just 10 bucks makes it awkward place for kids and family. Definitely will not recommended the cottages.

    Forest authority – please take some actions and save Nisargadhama

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