RAJA’S SEAT: The Raja’s Seat in Madikeri town, the spot from where kings of yore watched sunsets with their consorts, could be considered as one of the most scenic spots in south India. The spot offers a breathtaking view of towering hills, green valleys, studded with paddy fields. It is fascinating to watch the road to Mangalore like a curved ribbon lying in the valley. The Raja’s Seat, which means the “Seat of Kings”, is a brick and mortar structure with four pillars, was a spot from where the kings of Coorg watched glorious sunsets. The Karnataka government has developed a garden around the Raja’s Seat. The spot attracts lot of tourists and morning walkers. For the nature lover, the ideal time to visit the spot is in the morning when the first rays of the sun pierces through the mist covered valley. The district administration has put up a toy train near the Raja’s Seat which attracts children. Interestingly, the land-locked Coorg does not have an inch of railways!

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  1. Bhaskar says:

    We were here last week, had a great time. But it was in the afternoon, we missed the beautiful morning view.

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