ST. ANNE’S CHURCH: Another important landmark of Virajpet is St. Anne’s Church built in the Gothic style. Some of the Christians from Mangalore, who were forcibly taken by Tipu Sultan to Periapatna and converted to Islam, had managed to escape. They were offered refuge by Dodda Veerarajendra at Virajpet. The Raja ordered the building of a church in 1792 and granted land and funds for the construction. In 1868, the structure was dismantled and in its place the existing church was built.

Dodda Veerarajendra gifted a gold crown, a brass lamp, and an ornamental brass box to the church. Only the brass lamp, known locally as ‘kuthu bolucha’, is still in the church. The inscription ‘V’ in Kannada for Veerarajendra and the words – ‘Nalaknad Aramane’ are etched on the lamp.

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