TALACAUVERY: Talacauvery, the birthplace of the sacred river Cauvery, is located 44 km from Madikeri, on the slopes of Brahmagiri Hill. Besides being a pilgrimage center, Talacauvery is known for its natural beauty.

On Tula Sankaramana day in the middle of October, thousands of pilgrims flock to the river’s birthplace to witness a sudden upsurge of water in a small pond, at a predetermined time. Devout Coorgs take a holy dip in a nearby pond and take home the holy water from the small pond to perform worship on the day of Cauvery Sankramana, the holiest national day for the Coorgs. Pilgrims from neighbouring districts and Tamil Nadu visit Talcauvery for a month after Tula Sankramana. The gushing of water from the small pond at an auspicious moment is considered a miracle. After the holy dip, the pilgrims take a flight of steps leading up to the summit of the Brahmagiri Hill, which offers a feast for nature lovers. Bus service is available to Talacauvery from Madikeri.

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