Men’s Accessories

Peeche Kathi:

This is an ornamental dagger with a handle terminating in the shape of the head of a parrot or peacock and a sheath beautifully decorated with a gold covering and embedded with rubies. The Peeche Kathi is linked with a richly designed silver chain, which is tucked behind the chele (sash) to the right.

It has silver tassels and five smaller knives. A bride or a new mother uses the Peeche Kathi to cut open a coconut at the well while she performs the ceremony of Ganga Puja.

Odi Kathi:

This is a Kodava war knife with a broad blade which was used during battle. It is now used for ceremonial purposes only. The Odi Kathi is used to chop down banana stumps at wedding ceremonies in a show of strength. It is fixed to the thodang at the back of the waist.


This is a chain with coral and gold beads.


This is silver girdle tied around the waist to hold the Odi Kathi.


This is a solid bracelet made of gold.


In olden days men wore earrings called Kaduk.