Fish Pickle

Nali Appayya

Nali Appayya’s love for cooking and sharing recipes was inculcated in her by her paternal grandmother Cheppudira Kaveramma Muthanna. Nali believes that fish pickle is simple to make and good for any occasion. It will come in handy when there are some unexpected guests.

Ingredients :

1 Kg Seer Fish ,
150 grams of ginger ,
150 grams of garlic ,
1½ cups of white vinegar ,
2½ table spoons of Red chilly powder ,
1 teaspoon of jeera ,
1 teaspoon of mustard ,
1 teaspoon of black pepper ,
8 cloves ,
3 pieces of cinnamon (1 each)
salt to taste ,
2 teaspoon of sugar ,
Refined oil for frying the fish and for the seasoning ,
¼ teaspoon fenugreek ,
2 limes ,
Curry leaves few ,


1. Cut seer fish into thick pieces and wash there lines .
2. Mix 1½ table spoons of red chilly powder, salt to taste and 1 cup of vinegar to the fish keep aside for 4 hours .
3. Roast cloves, cinnamon, pepper together on a tava on a slow fire .
4. Roast jeera and mustard on a slow fire for short while .
5. Then roast fenugreek separately on a tava .
6. Powder all the ingredients together in the mixer .
7. Grind ginger and garlic .
8. Keep oil in a vessel, when hot add ½ teaspoon of mustard seeds and few curry leaves .
9. Then lower the heat, add ginger and garlic grind paste, add little water, add the powdered spices, add sugar, salt and cook it until the masala is ready .
10. Deep fry the fish .
11. Remove the pieces and put it into the masala when the masala is hot .
12. Fish pieces should soak in the masala gravy. See that the oil is above the pickle. Slowly keep stirring .
13. Leave it as it is for 4 hours .
14. When cool bottle it .

NOTE: The same masala can be used for Date Pickle.

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